The image of a woman 

In the course of the last year I had two special project days in cooperation with Petra Becker (Imagecoach & color and style consultant) from Femina art.

We gave our project the name  "The image of a woman". Every person who decided to be part of this project was advised in detail by Petra Becker, made up by a make-up artist and photographed by me.


What makes personal advice so valuable? Petra Becker puts this in a nutshell:  

“Each person is unmistakable in their uniqueness and beautiful in their own way. Attractiveness doesn't need to look perfect, nor is it a question of age or budget. It is helpful to learn to understand that an individual and harmonious style of clothing goes a long way towards finding a secure level of self-confidence - even and especially outside of trends or the common ideals of beauty.

A consultation is like a little voyage of discovery to our most beautiful self, a loving perception of ourselves. Its aim is to find the courage to find your own style, which reflects our core, makes our inner and outer beauty felt and visible. 

This voyage of discovery becomes a formative experience when I choose the things from the confusing multitude of offers with which I can remain true to myself - and thus express my strengths and inspirations in concrete terms through colors, shapes and cuts. "

We published the results of the first day of shooting in May. There you can find some pictures of the various shootings as well as more detailed information on "The image of a woman".

At this point we would like to show some results of the second day of shooting in summer. Thank you to everyone who was part of this project: it was a pleasure!

Petra Becker & Jemina Photography


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