"In the light  one morning,  

dances a play of colors.

Is like a liberated laugh

a beautiful day at the seaside.

I want to discover new things

Make sea space.

To be in the moment  

and yet not forget.

New opportunities, perspectives,  

a cool, fresh one breeze

Oh morning light  

Nothing is so beautiful

as you are right now! "

The lemon yellow thread

How do you keep track of things in fashion and shop in style?

It is like this for many women: on the street, on television or in magazines, they encounter the latest fashion trends - and the associated trendsetters, which they seem to have mastered and implemented perfectly.

Compared to the style icons, they feel average at best, but sometimes even invisible. That's why they run from shop to shop and try to make themselves visible. The problem: How should you choose the right one from this unlimited range? Which color makes me shine? Which cut flatters my figure? And which material suits me? (Not to mention questions about makeup or accessories.)

I'll tell you a secret: style is not a template that you can press yourself into. How often have you met people who followed a trend so slavishly that they looked exactly like the people to their left and right?

There is no such thing as off-the-peg individuality. A good style is much more like a lovingly made fabric in which all of your personality factors - character and appearance - are linked to a few simple principles of fashion. Of course, current trends can be woven in here, but the central theme is your unique person.

If you want to know more about color and type advice or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discover your red (or lemon-yellow or mint-green) thread with you.


Color analysis

- Color analysis: The 4 seasons and their mixed forms

- Develop basic wardrobe: recognize farm harmonies and apply them when shopping

- Color effect: Targeted use to gain competence

- Style tips for matching hair tones, accessories and make-up

Style and image advice

- Style analysis: individual figure measurement and advice

- Basic optical rules: Look slimmer through clothing

- Style test with evaluation:  Personal style ideas with body proportions in  Bring in harmony

- Buying advice: work out a basic wardrobe

- Practical tips for every figure: use accessories cleverly