As if made for me - my way to my own design object


Nostalgic or classic, with large stones or plain:

Those who like to wear jewelry naturally choose them to match their own style.

Everyone is an original. The colors and shapes of the accessories cannot create this originality - but they can underline it.

In parallel to my professional career, I began to revive my creative talents.

Many years of training in creative work techniques, inspired and fascinated by harmonious color compositions through the part-time distance learning to become a type and image consultant, I decided to find my individual artistic expression in the design with real pearls and noble materials.

I am convinced that jewelry, used as a skilful mix of styles, does not disguise it, but rather brings out natural beauty. Even more so if the body silhouette, skin and hair colors, as well as personal preferences are included in the advice.

For years I have been designing and producing commissioned work for my customers' outfits. Also for special occasions such as bridal and festive fashions. In addition to my individual offer, I offer high-quality fashion jewelry from well-known manufacturers in my business premises in order to be able to react flexibly to a wide variety of inquiries and ideas.


I am happy to give you the opportunity in the jewelry workshops to manufacture your accessories under professional guidance. All you need are different materials and a little creativity.

I am looking forward to your registration!

Petra Becker