My philosophy

in the  In the course of my professional years I was allowed to work in many different socio-educational institutions  Meet people who had the ability  to embrace life no matter what. Serene, sensual and imperfect.

During this time I realized that the individual beauty and charisma of a person does not only depend on their external shape, appearance or clothing, but also expresses itself very decisively in voice, posture, thoughts and feelings.

The process of becoming an authentic personality is always also the path to self-knowledge. Happiness, success and fulfillment are crucial in the encounter with ourselves - in order to find our destiny.

The visual effect has a lot to do with one's inner attitude. Who yourself  Aligning with the beautiful in what he encounters on his life path wins the chance to anchor contentment and stability in order to shine outwards.

Our personality shows itself in the interplay between the inner attitude and the outer representation. What I value inside, I align my identity with it, show it  Outside.

Through this growing knowledge it became a kind of job for me to accompany people on their way and to encourage them to  to develop their personal potential. During my studies to become a type and image consultant, I found appropriate opportunities for further training for this holistic offer.


We live in a time when  in thoughts of physical  Perfection, eternal youth and a supposed "must-haves" fashion and media world.

It should be remembered that the norms and ideals that are set up and that I integrate into my thinking can lead to the fact that I do not appreciate and perceive my uniqueness sufficiently. My very own talents and abilities, which, when mixed together, only make me stand out.


My business in Sinsheim has been around for almost fifteen years, and I have advised a few hundred women on color and image matters.

In lectures, seminar weeks, weekends with women. Through the many years of working at adult education centers and in my own courses, I have gained a lot of love for this work, which gives me great pleasure.

Many women who come to me are in a phase of upheaval, are breaking new ground, want to get to know themselves better and face challenges.

So are looking for their "I".

My philosophy is based on a simple fact:

Everyone is an original - clothing, cuts, colors and accessories can underline this originality, but they cannot create it. That is why I take a lot of time in every consultation to research a woman's individual beauty - from the body silhouette to skin and hair color to personal strengths of character. In my consultation there is room for an appreciative look in the mirror, free from excessive self-criticism, templates and comparisons with unreached ideals,

who smile at us from every billboard.

The most important ingredient for successful advice is you yourself. After all, fashion is much more than just putting something on.

It shows our personality and how we are doing right now. It satisfies our need for beauty, belonging and attention - everything deeply human.

Desires. It expresses our values and our self-image and makes everyday life more colorful.

Playing with fashion can become a creative contribution to one's own attitude towards life, even to one's own identity.


What are your questions about self-image, style or fashion? Let's start a conversation!