Workshops - the best way to get a design object:

Introduction and instruction in techniques, pattern designs and jewelry advice 
in color and style. They love to design jewelry themselves, introduce themselves
Chains and bracelets together according to your ideas - and so give yours
Casual look a very personal touch.
Creativity never goes out of style.

With pearls from all over the world, we bring a lot of movement into your personal style. Whether pure romance, classically noble or sporty and natural - every model is unique. Even inexperienced people are guaranteed to produce their favorite piece under supervision.  You have the choice in color and shape! 
A wide range of high quality beads and accessories is available and can be purchased.

Tip: the much-loved odds and ends or heirlooms become new "eye-catchers" and certainly also individual gift ideas.


Simply choose your personal appointment and make an appointment with me by phone.

The courses take place continuously (except during my vacation periods) from

Monday to Saturday at the following conditions in my business premises.

Course description:

Course times:

Morning 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Afternoon 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.



Course fee: (per adult including material)

1 person 75 euros

2 person 59 euros

3 person 48 euros

4 people 36 euros


Children's courses (from 6 - 10 years, max. 4)

Course fee:

1 child (from 6 - 10 years) 18 euros including material

Mother Child

1 child + 1 companion (including material) 49 euros


Children's birthdays (only on site, max. 6, 3 hours)

Dates by arrangement

The journey will be charged separately (30 cents / km)

including material 96 euros

Of course:

Favorite pieces